Royce Burt


Royce has been playing banjo and picking bluegrass in various bands for 30 plus years. He enjoys old traditional bluegrass as his mainstay but also likes to play a more modern style to fit the Lonesome vibe of Born Lonesome. Royce is also a luthier specializing in violins. His violins are played by many professional fiddlers across the country. He also has a collection of nice old pre-war Gibson banjos. He also plays his prized Yates Skillethead banjo as well. He also plays fiddle and you might see some twin fiddling with him and Steve. Royce still resides in Plant City with the love of his life, wife Raquel of 26 years. His daughter Ally is his pride and joy and she attends college at Florida Southern. One of my favorite music memories is sharing a dressing room with the late Bill Monroe while playing at the Grand Ole Opry. This same day provided more excitement as Royce’s banjo head busted just hours before the show. Charlie Cushman came to the rescue and lent Royce his prized pre-war flathead banjo for the show that day.  

Chad Spikes


 Chad is a Florida native whose experience in music is varied. He has played and performed in bands since the age of 12 spending the last 20 years in Bluegrass bands.  He has opened for national recording acts, performed various opera roles at FSU, composed and produced commercials for television and radio including the soundtrack composition for the Emmy-award winning film ‘Exploration Florida. For Chad, music has always been a family affair. His uncles and cousins founded and still perform with the old-time Rock-n-Roll group "The Chaotics". Family sing-a-longs were a regular feature in his life, exposing him to Bluegrass, Rock & Roll, Blues, folk and various other styles of music. His upbringing and passion for life are clearly reflected in his writings and performances, drawing deep from the well of his life experiences.

Jimmie White


 Jimmie comes from Harlan County, Kentucky and yes he did make out of there alive. He is the son of a fiddle player and started playing music at a young age. His roots run deep with Bluegrass and grew up playing music. Jimmie has been playing bluegrass in the Florida scene for a few decades with just about every band at one time or another and has also shared the stage with some of the best musicians in the national bluegrass scene. National acts frequently call on Jimmie to help them when they come to Florida. Jimmie not only plays a rock solid bass, he is also a seasoned guitar player and has been known to pick the banjo from time to time. Jimmie always is a man of high fashion and always looks sharp. Jimmie plays a spectacular, handpicked Martin D41-Elite handpicked by Jon Garon of My Favorite Guitars.  

Claybo Varnum


 Claybo has been exposed to music his entire life. As the son of a Baptist music minister, he was surrounded by gospel music from the time he was able to pick up a guitar. Listening to his mother play banjo and sing at school functions and family gatherings prepared him for the music he loves playing today. His first real introduction to Bluegrass was a CD given to him by his father when he was 10 years old, No Other Way by Mountain Heart. Little did he know how much that album would impact him. After playing guitar and bass in church for the last 10 years, he now finds himself among family once more in Born Lonesome playing those great Mountain Heart songs and singing many of the same parts of one of his bluegrass hero’s Adam Steffey. He hopes the band’s music can help to inspire another generation of players who will continue to keep Bluegrass music alive and well. Claybo spends his spare time coaching football and most importantly with his new beautiful Bride, Alex.

Jeff Jones


 Jeff, a Florida native, was born, raised and currently lives in Lutz, FL. He spent most of his High School time at school either singing in Chorus or singing and dancing in the school’s showcase band. After high school Jeff pursued a degree in Aerospace engineering later changing direction  taking over a small independent music store called the Bluegrass Parlor. As a multi-instrumentalist and instructor Jeff has taught hundreds while performing at venues such as Disneyworld, Epcot and Opryland to name a few, sharing the stage with many of his music hero's including Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Charlie Daniels, and John McEwen among many others.  Jeff currently works at a civil engineering firm and spends most of his free time hanging out with his wife Terri and trying to keep up with their sons Everett and Stewart. 

Steve Durrwachter


   Steve is the second of seven brothers, was born and raised in St. Louis, Mo. He started playing the guitar at age 7, studying under Dewitt  (Scotty) Scott. The first band he played in was a Garage Band with is older  brother, Bob, when he was 12 years old. Over the next 25 years he played in several different rock-n-roll and country  bands but found his true love of music in the Bluegrass genre. At age 37 he picked up the fiddle and now, 30 years down the road, has 3 Fiddle  Championships under his belt. After playing with various Bluegrass bands and years of playing praise and worship at churches, his passion for quality music has only become greater. He now resides with his wife of 48 years in Willow Oak, Florida.